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This page last updated 21 Oct 2014

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Eurobell enjoyed their annual office party, using our unique themed event services.

These pictures show the decor, props and lighting effects used to achieve the perfect party



The build-up on the approach to the function room.
Note the progression from an unremarkable hallway into an exiting and "something special" atmosphere by subtle use of lighting and props.
entrance to Grease Party room, subtle lighting and balloons get you ready for what awaits
tables, balloons, bunting and lightening all designed to work together for an immersion in the the theme of Grease The dining area viewed from the DJ Stage. Balloons and bunting, ceiling and wall lights -- all add to the ambience
The DJ Stage forms a focal point for the Grease action dj stage and memorable images from Grease. The hot rods and character cut outs make the stage a focal point
Olivia Newton John and John Travolta character cut-outs and a 2m high 3d platform boot sculpture John Travolta and Olivia Newton John as you've never seen them before

the cadillac that brought John Travolta to the party!

..and plenty of room for the diners to enjoy their meal in the middle of the extravaganza a view of the dining area with tables and centrepieces, balloons, star-lighting and bunting
the Grease theme party begins and people get into the spirit of things while still at their tables the music and party begins...
it's not long before everyone's letting their hair down, enticed by the music and setting party, party, party - the guests really let their hair down and quite a few have come in dressed for the Grease theme
a picture of the two types of house wine with customised Grease theme labels to keep with the theme, the house wine was custom labelled with the pictures of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (artwork and labels by KDL)
give them a themed party -- they deserve it and so do you.


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