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Jungle Theme Party Props

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deep in the jungle...

jungle vegetation theme party backdrop 8ft x 6ft  jungle log theme party backdrop 8ft x 6ft
8ft x 6ft painted jungle scene backdrops

what's this you stumble across?
Ancient buidlings slowly being reclaimed by the jungle...

ruined temple jungle backdrop 12ft x 5ft backdrop 8ft x 8ft of a sleeping beauty dreaming of her princessThese jungle statues are 8ft tall
jungle temple ruin backdrop 15ft x 6ft Could these be remnants of the lost city, discovered by Tarzan and Jane?
Perhaps the ruined temple contains clues to an ancient civilisation.
Perhaps treasures to rival those of King Solomon are waiting to be found by an intrepid explorer like yourself?
jungle party vines and creepers backdrop 2ft x 12ft jungle party creepers and vines backdrop 2ft x 8ft

..all around you there is nothing but dense jungle. Vines and creepers hang down from the trees and wherever there is a break in the canopy, ground vegetation springs up to fill in the gaps

jungle party ground vegetation backdrop 12ft x 3ft
jungle tree branch backdrop 20ft x 8ft
2ft x 12ft, 2ft x 8ft, 12ft x 3ft, 20ft x 8ft, painted backdrops
(left to right, top to bottom)

finally, the dense vegetation thins out and you can admire...
..the jungle by moonlight

jungle by moonlight theme backdrop 20ft x 8ft20ft x 8ft painted backdrop
jungle party jungle by moonlight party backdrop 16ft x 8ft16ft x 8ft painted backdrop

How much?

A full rig can cost anything upwards of £500 depending on location, venue size, degree of sumptuousness(!) required and number of guests.

You should be able to rent individual props or groups of props for as little as £35 (plus delivery) per night if you shop around. Your supplier will arrange delivery and collection afterwards - one more way they can help take the strain!

Want to see some miscellaneous pictures of props, before and after shots,
themed events in full swing? Then see our Misc photos page

pictures of props, banners, backdrops, drapes, fx machines in use and themes, events and parties in full swing...

Looking for a party theme with an unusual setting?

Our Tropical Jungle theme idea is a great excuse and setting for a Tarzan and Jane party. Get everyone to dress up in theme for a party to go wild to!

Your supplier can organise the decor, lighting and entrance foyer using these and other props (drums, animal silhouettes, silks etc.)

Your guests will be transported deep into a tropical jungle where animal instincts lurk just below the surface..
just add jungle juice!!

Or, of course, you can hire the props you want from your supplier and apply your own inspiration to create a Jungle Party. You choose...

inflatable vines or inflatable seaweed
Inflatable vines

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