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Love / Valentine Theme Props

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Organising a wedding disco, an anniversary or an occasion like St Valentines Day that focuses on love? Give it a special touch and use these ideas to give a party to let your guests have the time of their lives.

Get a supplier to organise the decor, lighting and entrance foyer and you'll transport your guests to the land of love where Venus and Cupid rule...

backdrop 8ft x 8ft of two romantic figures kissing



St Valentine, Venus, Cupid, Aphrodite and Eros

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love hearts backdrop 10ft x 4ft  cherub playing a lyre - backdrop 10ft x 4ft  harps floating in a blue sky backdrop 10ft x 4ft

10ft x 4ft painted backdrops (uv reactive)

cherubs / putti flying amongst columns backdrop 8ft x 8ft

8ft x 6ft painted backdrop of cherubs / putti

Backdrops like these 8ft square ones will work well in a dimly lit area, with the
uv effect making the images really striking... and of course, you're going to have some quiet, intimate and romantic areas for couples to pursue their flourishing attraction - it is a love theme after all! Ask your supplier for similar work and you're on your way to a great party!

backdrop 8ft x 8ft of two romantic figures kissing backdrop 8ft x 8ft of two romantic figures kissing
two lovers kiss and their hair intertwines the young woman dreams of her lover...

In the Japanese style of romance these 8ft square backdrops
continue the theme of love

japanes lovers in traditional pose backdrop 8ft x 8ft japanes lovers chilling together backdrop 8ft x 8ft
two japanese lovers in traditional pose a japanese lady reads poetry while her lover looks amorously on
backdrop 8ft x 8ft of a sleeping beauty dreaming of her princess
8ft x 8ft and 10ft x 8ft backdrops
the sleeping beauty meets her princess in sweet dreams

the sleeping beauty dreams of meeting her prince... She looks deep into his eyes and teasingly threatens to ride away unless he declares his undying love.
And he swears he will perform any feat of bravery to prove his heart is true...

And we've got funky lurv backdrops too...

Love and flower backdrop 8ft x 4ft of two romantic figures kissing funky love backdrop 10ft x 4ft
romantic backdrop 8ft x 8ft of two lovers with afro hairstyles

How much?

A full rig can cost anything upwards of £500 depending on location, venue size, degree of sumptuousness(!) required and number of guests.

If you shop around, you should be able to rent individual props or groups of props for as little as £35 (plus delivery) per night. Your supplier should arrange for delivery and collection afterwards - one more way they can help take the strain!

Does your special occasion deserve the KayDeeElle ideas generator treatment? Of course it does!

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