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Medieval Party Theme
perfect for a banquet

have a medieval banquet and ball with our theme ideas from the middle ages...

could this castle be the venue?

(see Comlongon Castle photos or Windsor Castle photos to see a castle for real)

view of a castle through the arch of a distant building

8ft x 6ft painted backdrop of a castle through an archway

medieval fireplace backdrop complete with fire, cauldron and broom

20ft x 6ft painted medieval fireplace backdrop

Medieval fireplaces were grand affairs -
they needed to be to heat the great halls.
This monster backdrop of a typical fireplace will cover a wall and
set the scene for your own medieval banquet or dance.

a mock flame machine in action
a mock flame machine in action (we supply a range of sizes and formats)

People tell us that mock flame machines really add atmoshpere. They work really well both in main areas and as additional lighting effects for entranceways, foyers and corridors flickering lights leading to a dungeon, perhaps...
see a stocks and dungeon vignet

a mock flame effect machine in action
people usually rent them in pairs or you can buy them outright
The walls of the main hall were filled with the coats of arms of all the knights and great families that were in alliance.
Here's some of those that could be used in the theme for your party...
medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing lions   medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing wolves, a castle and patterns
medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing lions rampant   medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing lions and fleurs-de-lis
medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing lion rampant   medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing lions and fleurs-de-lis
heraldic flags make great wall hangings or they can be hung from the ceiling above the dance floor / banqueting area

(see some real scottish clan and sept flags)

medieval wall hanging prop
..and here's more wall-hanging ideas in keeping with the theme..
medieval shield props
some decorative shields add to the ambience

Add fabrics and rouches to give your venue the final touches - (picture a hollywood rendering of the inside of King Arthur's castle at Camelot)
and consider a dragon prop

How much?

A full rig of a theme like this can cost anything upwards of £500 depending on location, venue size, degree of sumptuousness(!) required and number of guests.

You should be able to rent individual props or groups of props for as little as £35 (plus delivery) per night if you shop around. Your supplier should arrange delivery and collection afterwards - one more way to help take the strain!

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Organising a banquet or dance? Give it a special touch and let your guests have the time of their lives. A medieval party theme really works...

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We are your first steps to a successful banquet or medieval party...

making your own medieval clothes? the book The Medieval Tailor's Assistant will show you how

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