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Undersea Themes

Nemo / Atlantis / Neptune's Undersea Palace

picture of backdrop of octopussy's garden, one of our undersea themes

props and backdrops examples by

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Under ordinary lighting uv-reactive paints look a little brighter than normal paint.
Under uv lights (aka blacklights) they really glow and when the ambient light is very low, they become almost three dimensional, hovering in mid-air...

Your supplier will take your ideas, flesh them out into a design rough, and with your final approval, build, rig and run the theme and any lighting and or staging.

On the day, this makes sure you and your guests can concentrate on what's important - enjoying yourselves :-)

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Thinking of a Nemo Party?

These backdrops and props have been used in marquees, Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium and various hotels and nightclubs around the UK

(all backdrops are between 2m and 4m long, painted in uv-reactive paint)

Here the entrance to the National Marine Aquarium is spiced up..

picture of the entrance to Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium entrance, wpiced up with some 3d-fish props

picture showing 3f fish props suspended in front of a 4m wide backdrop

Some three dimensional fish props, around 1m high,
suspended in front of a backdrop

..and some more..

picture of detail of 3d sih props suspended from the ceiling   picture of 2d-fish props taken during a photo shoot - other Buddah props visible and an Easter Island statue

This sequence of dolphins, whales and fish (3m long) really set
the scene for an undersea theme.

picture of a bacdrop showing four dolphins swimming in the shallows, sunlight striking their backs

picture of backdrop of a whale near the surface with the sunlight bursting through

a backdrop showing four dolphins simming over a shallow lagoon, with sunlight dappling the sandy bottom

a backdrop showing a curious dolphin, investigating the viewer

a backdrop showinf fish maybe about to become dolphin supper?

Here's Neptune / Poseidon in his undersea palace...

backdrop of Poseidon or Neptune outside his undesea palace, surveying his empire

These fish backdrops are ultra-realistic and approx 3m square

a super-realistic backdrop of an Angelfish? a super-realistic backdrop of the head of a Grouper fish?
a super-realistic backdrop showing a fighting tiger fish, proudly showing its colourful territorial display

..and these are slightly more abstract...

backdrop showing a stylised zebra(?) fish   backdrop showing a stylised zebra(?) fish

backdrop showing a stylised zebra(?) fish

The following backdrops are of cartoon-like fish and can make the tempo of an area a little more upbeat.. see what you think.

look out for this shocking eel and punk puffer fish...

backdrop showing a wicked, mean-looking eel ready to electrocute anyone who comes within reac   backdrop showing a punk puffer fish, pretty harmless..
backdrop showing indeterminate fish after the style of hot-tuna   backdrop showing an alarmed, spiky, punkish fish

backdrop showing a fish that reminds people of Hot-lips Houlahan, from M.A.S.H. fame   backdrop showing a very realistic three-d fish apparantly swimming in front of it

The props and backdrop examples shown on this page are only a fraction of our total. We've got pictures of giant undersea inflatables and space fillers, all with a flavour that fits in with the themes shown here.

Does your special ocassion deserve the KayDeeElle ideas generator? Of course it does!

Want to see some miscellaneous pictures of props, before and after shots, themed events in full swing? Swim over to our Misc photos page

pictures of props, banners, backdrops, drapes, fx machines in use and themes, events and parties in full swing...


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