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Cowboy / Western / Mexican Themes

backdrop showing the tequila worm, in uv-reactive paint

props and backdrop ideas by

KayDeeElle - ideas for all your event service and party needs

Under ordinary lighting the uv-reactive paints we use look a little brighter than normal paint.
Under uv lights (aka blacklights) they really glow and when the ambient light is very low, they become almost three dimensional, hovering in mid-air...

Organising an event and want to have the most WOW occasion possible - start with ideas from KayDeeElle

Your supplier will take your ideas, flesh them out into a design rough, and with your final approval, build, rig and run the theme and any lighting and or staging.

On the day, this makes sure you and your guests can concentrate on what's important -- enjoying yourselves :-)

So go on, give them the best - a themed party

We are your first steps to a successful party...



Backdrops are a sure way to a great party!

A western theme with cowboys, wigwams, confederate flags, mexican flavours, tequila(!) and even farther south, salsa and latino

(all backdrops are between 2m and 4m long / wide, painted in uv-reactive paint)

An event in progress using cowboy props. You can see inflatable cactii, straw bales, confederate flags, backdrops with frontier towns and deseert scenes, bleached longhorn skulls, saddles, wanted posters and a hangman's gibbet (unused!).

All sorts of western and cowboy ideas for your special occasion, line dance or office party.
You can even get wanted posters print off for you if you supply photos of the people to feature and ask your supplier about a special design for wine or beer bottle labels to fit the theme. These are the sorts of ideas for finishing touches that set KayDeeElle apart from the rest.

a western themed event showing a wigwam, inflatable cactus and confederate flags   picture of a straw bale and a 4m backdrop showing a western frontier town and some cowboy action

picture showing a rigged western cowboy event with saddle, longhorn skull, wanted posters and hangman's noose    picture showing cowboy set with inflatable cactus, hangman's gibbet and wanted posters

backdrop showing the wall of a log cabin, perhaps an owlhoot is shacked up inside, on the run from the posse? owlhoot's shack at the hole-in-the-wall gang's hideout?

backdrops to help set the scene

riding to meet the "iron horse"
...or could it be a hold-up in progress?

the sheriff checks out the town in the lull before the
showdown he knows is coming...

..bringing up the rear of the wagon train - four cowboys
keep an eye out for any sign of trouble


Cactus Jack

uv backdrop of a cactus against a blue desert sky   Cactus Jack himself, complete with sombrero and poncho   uv backdrop of a cactus against a blue desert sky

Picture of the entrance to a marquee, set as Cactus Jacks Imbibing Establishment. Huge inflatble cactii flank the entrance

Git off yor hoss and hawl yor saddle meat into Cactus Jacks for a bit of imbibing of local raw, rough tequila fresh from the 'still...

a backdrop claiming to have been distilling tequila since 1795
backdrop showing cactii against a desert blue sky   backdrop showing a local passing a sign to the OK Corral   backdrop showing cactii in a desert scene against a blue sky

we think this chap's had a little too much tequila!

backdrop showing a local who looks like he's had too much tequila

Do as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid did, according to popular legend, head south.. Get some latin music flavours, how about some Salsa? A bit of South America and Latino to give a bright uplifting feel to the dance area and help people let their hair down a bit..

salsa backdrop showing bright exuberant colours remiscent of South America, bright lights and fireworks

salsa backdrop showing bright exuberant colours remiscent of South America, bright lights and fireworks

latino backdrop showing bright exuberant colours remiscent of South America, bright lights and fireworks

Does your special ocassion deserve the KayDeeElle ideas generator treatment? Of course it does!

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