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This event needed backdrops, massive inflatable stars, a projector and huge screen for the karaoke and for the final surprise, a shower of traditional Chinese confetti...




A Chinese New Year
Annual Dinner and Dance

The Year of the Ram

Happy New Year backdrop - 12ft x 4ft The Chinese Horse, symbol of strength and speed - 12ft x 4ft

12ft x 4ft painted backdrop saying "Happy New Year" in English and Cantonese

A horse backdrop, symbolising strength and speed
Dragon Dating Card profilecard

Dragon Dating Card by HightonRidley
Make high quality cheap business card designs on zazzle
these traditional Chinese face masks are painted on
huge backdrops 6ft by 10ft high

(see them on the stage in the pictures below)
traditional chinese face mask painted on a banner 10ft x 6ft   traditional chinese face mask painted on a banner 10ft x 6ft
Red Chinese Dragon poster print / canvas print
medieval heraldic wall-hanging prop showing lions and fleurs-de-lis
The stage during rehearsals
..and during the celebrations

the Chinese New Year celebrations in Plymouth, 2003
Iridescent Dragon ladies petite t-shirt shirt

These special celebrations were hosted by Plymouth's Chinese community at Plymouth Pavillions. 300 members of the region's Chinese Association met for their annual dinner and saw it featured on the local tv.

The evening included cabaret, karaoke and the traditional
unicorn dance to bring prosperity in the coming year.
The evening ended with Chinese Confetti
raining down on the guests from every part of the ceiling

How much?

A full rig such as this can cost anything upwards of £750 depending on location, venue size, degree of sumptuousness(!) required and number of guests.

If you shop around you should be able to rent individual props or groups of props for as little as £35 (plus delivery) per night. Your supplier should arrange delivery and collection afterwards - one more way to help take the strain!

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a larger than life backdrop of a chinese emperor
larger than life chinese emperor backdrop

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