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Run To The Sun 2002
Site decor production, performers and lighting effects by KDL

See RTTS 2003 pictures here

Theme for 2002 was: Undersea

See pictures taken on the Saturday night in the
main arena by that guy in a green wig and
blue face paint... (your webmaster!)

fish, dj-shots, dancers, stiltwalkers, crowd-shots, projections..
I tried to capture a sense of what the place felt like,
maybe I succeeded?
clcik here to see pictures of the main arena on saturday night in the main arena - performers, crowds, decor

As usual, it was over the end-May bank holiday (Fri 31st May to Mon 3rd June) at Trevelgue Holiday Park, Newquay, Cornwall.
The weather didn't smile on us too much ..but it had its moments :)

KDL (aka the KayDeeElle) did the musical entertainment production including the djs, all the visual decor for the site and the performing artists... There was a café marquee for chillout music during the daytime, and full on music to go mad for in the main arena at night.

rtts 2003 details here
rtts 2000 props, decor and pictures here

crowd-1-rtts-2.jpg click to see full size
crowd-1-rtts-2.jpg (24 KB)
crowd-2-rtts-2.jpg click to see full size
crowd-2-rtts-2.jpg (14 KB)
crowd-5-rtts-2.jpg click to see full size
crowd-5-rtts-2.jpg (27 KB)
crowd-6-rtts-2.jpg click to see full size
crowd-6-rtts-2.jpg (39 KB)
crowd-7-rtts-2.jpg click to see full size
crowd-7-rtts-2.jpg (38 KB)
crowd-8-rtts-2.jpg click to see full size
crowd-8-rtts-2.jpg (35 KB)
crowd-fish-1.jpg click to see full size
crowd-fish-1.jpg (33 KB)
crowd-undersea-1.jpg click to see full size
crowd-undersea-1.jpg (33 KB)
fish-prop-3d-1.jpg click to see full size
fish-prop-3d-1.jpg (27 KB)
fish-shoal-bar-1.jpg click to see full size
fish-shoal-bar-1.jpg (39 KB)
fish-shoal-bar-2.jpg click to see full size
fish-shoal-bar-2.jpg (41 KB)
inflatable-shark-1.jpg click to see full size
inflatable-shark-1.jpg (24 KB)
inflatable-shark-2.jpg click to see full size
inflatable-shark-2.jpg (30 KB)
performer-dj-8.jpg click to see full size
performer-dj-8.jpg (39 KB)
performer-dj-9.jpg click to see full size
performer-dj-9.jpg (40 KB)

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