a medly and bedlam of custom v-dub / beetle owners make the Run to the Sun the biggest car owner's annual event in the UK
Trevelgue Holiday Park, Newquay, Cornwall, UK. Here's the theme created for their RTTS 2000 party. page updated 21 Oct 2014

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Run to the Sun 2000

rtts 2003 pictures here
rtts 2002 props, decor and pictures here

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The Run to the Sun, Cornwall UK. Stunning visuals and branding on site and an evening party to take people to the heights.

These pictures show how any venue can be tranformed with the right creativity.

The function room before our transformation. Quite a challenge -- "Do something about the pool, we haven't enough space as it is" they said. venue with swimming pool
dj box with sun focus This is what was done at the far end. A dj box using a sun with beaming rays, with (mock) flame machines for solar flares on either side.
..and here's the dance floor, alive with people bathed in light from the sun
Where did the pool go? Under the dancers.. a cover was built using scaffolding and boards, and no-one was any the wiser.
teeming dance floor
uv pegasus in the clouds The entrance to the main area. Watch those fluffy clouds -- and what's that? Pegassus? No, you must be dreaming. The annual Run to the Sun has that effect on its guests.. helped on its way by KDL's special creativity.
..here's A banner showing the Run To The Sun, Trevelgue and Embassy branding. Product branding for sponsors can be an important aspect of funding for any public event. Working on one of the sponsor's (Embassy) banners
another Embassy banner shown unfurled in the street ..and here it is unfurled in the street. Great space fillers!
..and another variation on the sponsor branding. and one more sponsor banner showing the Embassy and Trevelgue branding

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rtts 2003 details here
rtts 2002 props, decor and pictures here

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