About the designs shown here

In each section we've chosen a different design theme from each storekeeper so you can see an example of the range of designs they offer. If you prefer a design in, say, the RSVP cards section, you'll find the same design available from that store for all their other products.

On the rare occasion you can't find that design for a particular product, just message them through the link on their storefront and they'll be happy to prepare it in double-quick time.

And remember that you can pick and mix from different Zazzle stores in the same basket, and volume discounts also apply across stores.

Wedding Plan binders & Photo Albums

Probably the single most important two items to have for any wedding...

A binder to keep all your wedding plans in. Magazine clippings, ideas, notes, supplier names, addresses and correspondence - anything to do with planning for that special day!

...And a photo album to keep all those treasured formal photos and snaps from the big day and the honeymoon.

(note that these binders all take US paper sizes)

Wedding Invitations

Each of these gorgeous invitations comes from a fully co-ordinated set of stationery available at the named store. They can all be fully personalized, and many from each range are designed to allow you to upload and include photos of the bride and groom.

Remember, all storekeepers offer a customization service, so just message them from the link on their storefront and they will be delighted to change any design to suit your needs.

Envelope Sealers

When you send out your invitations, announcements, thank you cards or any other communication to do with the wedding, seal the envelopes with a sticker in your chosen design theme.

Another great way to make sure that your all-important invitation isn't overlooked!

Table Number / Place Nametags

Make sure guests can find where they're sitting at the wedding reception by using elegant table number and place name cards.

Choose tent cards so people can see the table number at a distance and either tent or flat cards for individual place names.

A great idea for the younger children is to put some party favors at ther place setting to occupy them while the adults do the "boring stuff".

Wedding Stamps

You don't want your important invitation to be overlooked so use postage stamps in your chosen theme to send all your wedding correspondence.

A truly elegant and inspired personalisation that makes sure your mail jumps out from amongst the bills and other mundane post in their mailbox!

And if you use envelope sealers as well, no matter which way up the envelope is, it won't be missed!!

Only available for use in the USA.

Thank You Cards / Stationery

With these beautifully designed cards, say "thank you" to friends, family and guests for making your day so special and for giving such generous gifts.

Delight in using "Mr & Mrs" when you personalise these cards with your name!

Only a fraction

What's shown in the sections above is only a fraction of what is offered by each storekeeper.

You'll find many other matching stationery, gift and apparel products in their stores, from gift labels, save the date magnets and bridal shower items, to ushers' ties, just married high-top shoes and honeymoon tote bags.

What's Bridal on Amazon.com?

For those other bits and pieces, such as table centerpieces, favors boxes and mr. & mrs. chair sashes, here are some hand-picked items from Amazon:

...and party favours, decoratons and fun things to keep the kids occupied during the reception: 

What's on Amazon UK?

From Amazon UK we've selected lucky sixpences, wedding planning guidance books, beautiful wedding certificate boxes and, of course, an umbrella in case of rain!

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