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University Ball - The Inferno


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Organising an event and dreading the arrangements for the theme / venue decor?

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So go on, give them the best - a themed party!

first, don't misbehave... you're in hell so stick to the rules and you might get away this lightly... don't misbehave or you'll end up like this poor person, long dead in the stocks
the red and yellow flame cut-outs in uv reactive paint surround the dj box and the mock flame machines on either side animate the whole A final lighting and mock flame check of the dj box on stage
..the full stage set from the blazing inferno the complete stage showing how the dj box forms the focus. The mock flame machines subtly draw the eye to the centre
a simple arrangement of drapes gives the lights something to play against and forms a backdrop for projection effects ..and a final lighting check on the drapes and the dance floor. All sweet and ready for the event to roll...
With The Inferno, the focus is on the dj box, with suspended drapes to fill the space and stunning lighting to work with the music.. as seen here Crowd and stage details of The Inferno theme
inflatable stars surrounded by 2m flags gives an impressive entrance to the marquee area Here's a view of the entrance to the marquee area showing flags and inflatable stars
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The dj box, showing more of the lighting effects used picture of dj box, stage and lighting at a university ball
stunning lighting effects projected onto the suspended drapes the lighting and projections are designed to make full use of the drapes intensifying and enhancing the overall effect to make it exciting and immersive for the guests
.. a glimpse of the dj through the projection drapes detail showing the dj in his eternal inferno
there's no escape from The Inferno - for all eternity the dj must mix Here's the dj, slaving away for all eternity in the hell-house that is The Inferno
The mock flame machines add movement and realism, especially when enhanced by majestic lighting effects
the entrance to the ball.. would you have guessed what lay beyond? detail showing the dj in his eternal inferno

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