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Women of Achievement
Award Ceremeny 2002

Organising an event and dreading the arrangements for the theme / venue decor?

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Here's what was done for the 2002 award ceremony. In summary, areas to be dealt with included lighting, decor, floral arrangements, stage design, aerial tumblers and stilt-walkers, production
(held at Plymouth Pavillions)

table view of the stage design and decor This is the view of the stage at the award-giving that the nominees and their guests would see...
The starcloth backdrop to the stage draws attention to the performance due later... and what a show they're going to get!
..remember, you can hire starcloths, inflatables and other props from from your supplier
a stage performer comes to rest in front of an inflatable star after a series of flips
one of the tumblers practising an impossible routine of flips and jumps to end up stationary in front of one of the inflatable stars


Your supplier can provide balloons like the ones shown here.
There are many other styles and sizes in holographic foil as well as traditional. And you can usually have your logo or slogan on them too.

You can see more inflatables here

the whole centrepiece, with holographic, helium filled foil balloons detail of a table's floral centrepiece
the complete centrepiece with helium-filled, foil balloons. The holographic effect really caught the lights and sparkled in rainbow hues here's a picture of the floral part of the table centrepieces used. The fragrance helped set the ambience
Detail of the holographic-effect balloons, caught on a backdrop of one of our inflatable stars mellow and relaxing colours set the scene
close up of the balloons, with an inflatable star behind the lighting effects should be designed to enhance the ambience and to make it feel warm and inviting for the guests
a quiet moment during rehearsals. These aerial performers and stilt-walkers had a breathtaking performance in store for the guests a stage rehearsal with the aerial performers caught in a quiet moment - see how effective the inflatable stars are in giving volume to the stage
the decor and floral welcome in the entrance foyer the entrance to the award venue.. would you have guessed what lay beyond?

Does your special occasion deserve input from KayDeeElle's ideas factory? Of course it does!

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