a guide to opening a bar or nightclub with  hints, tips and a timeline of
actions from 9 months to go right up to opening night. Page updated 4 Mar 2017


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Bars and Nightclubs
- a guide to opening

A Week-By-Week Guide
from d-day minus 9 months to the grand opening!

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..before you start - remember, KayDeeElle are here to give you ideas for your theme and also to let you know the various aspects of what's involved and the decisions you likely will need to make.
Ideas about decor and design to
single out your nightclub or bar from the rest!!
...so browse around and check out what ideas we can tickle in your mind...

view of the main dance area during the moroccan theme refit..see what was done for Kassa, a nightclub. A Moroccan theme was designed and implemented - see for yourself...



9 months to go...

  • Week 1
    Talk to people with money
  • Week 2
    Research local competion
  • Week 3
    Speak to architects / designers
  • Week 4
    Look for potential site
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Month 2

  • Week 5
    Begin site visits
  • Week 6
    Find a solicitor
  • Week 7
    Check out the competition
  • Week 8
    Read Bar Magazine
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Month 3

  • Week 9
    Decide on site
  • Week 10
    Negotiate deal
  • Week 11
    Research license restrictions
  • Week 12
    Find an accountant
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Month 4

  • Week 13
    Secure site, agree lease
  • Week 14
    Design concept, find designer - make sure you cover off:
    • the nightclub decor
    • the nightclub furniture
  • Week 15
    Submit planning application
  • Week 16
    Begin sourcing suppliers
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Month 5

  • Week 17
    Agree design, find shop fitters
  • Week 18
    Meet police, building control
  • Week 19
    Get provisional license
  • Week 20
    Set handover date
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Month 6

  • Week 21
    Submit plans to bank
  • Week 22
    Building work begins
  • Week 23
    Source top-level management
  • Week 24
    Draw up operational plans
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Month 7

  • Week 25
    Finalise legal requirements
  • Week 26
    Planning / building control
  • Week 27
    Agree opening schedule
  • Week 28
    Recruit staff
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Month 8

  • Week 29
    Solicitor / completion
  • Week 30
    Opening date / final applications
  • Week 31
    Opening night event planning
    Press releases, final fix
  • Week 32
    Engage designers for opening night theme
    Print menus, program PoS (point of sale terminals) 
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Month 9

  • Week 33
    Direct marketing
  • Week 34
    Final license approval, music
  • Week 35
    Local press, stock, training
  • Week 36
    Dress the club for opening night
    Open doors, take money :)
Ok, you've got the overview tick list sorted, now get to work!
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Give your bar / club a makeover into the theme of your choice - get your ideas here!

Find out more

Your club or bar already open? For a change of mood or pace, you can dry-hire complete themes from suppliers on a one-off, weekly or monthly basis for a temporary make-over to your club or bar (small outlay, vast impovement of takings over the bar!)

Inflatable decorations lower high ceilings and make your nightclub or bar more intimate - so include in your nightclub decor list.

Idea maker: Have a look at a selection of pictures to help give you ideas for a concept for your bar or nightclub - they're right here

click for bigger picture: A dramatic entrance to a raised exhibition stand? click for bigger picture: Perhaps some suspended 1-2 metre fish mobiles would set the scene for your stand? or perhaps we can build a product inflatable for you like we did for McDonald's McFlurry?
see more ideas for props, decor and themes here...



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