advertising flags - you can rent or buy bright, colourful, customisable, crowd-pulling, 4m flags
your supplier should be able to print your logo or slogan on the flags as part of their flag design service. page updated 21 Oct 2014

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Flags close-up with Kevin for scale

The flags are made from ripstop nylon, and come in a variety of colours. They are 12ft high, mounted on 15ft poles.

Flags can be rented or bought. If you need a logo or other branding on the flags, we can do that too.

multi-colour flags designed for a client
some multi-colour flags

Preparing for an event on Plymouth Hoe
site prior to flags
flags of many colours
..and after
flags of many colours
the view a passer-by would see...
flags of many colours
seen fom a distance...
flags of many colours
and close up...
flags used at the grand opening of Plymouth Barbican's Mayflower Centre

flags used at the grand opening of Plymouth Barbican's Mayflower CentreFlags were used to great effect at the Grand Opening of the new Mayflower Centre on the Barbican.
Flags were made in the chosen colour scheme and, even in the light breeze, the sounds of their whipping and snapping were very evocative of the maritime history of the world famous Barbican and the staff said how they really drew the visitors.
In fact, just behind and to the left of where the photographer stood (picture left) is where the Mayflower set off on her historic voyage to New England, full to the brim with the Pilgrim Fathers. (see for more)

flag with rendered brand - Mardi Gras flag with rendered brand - Newquay 2000 flag with your rendered brand
examples of brands / logos that can be rendered on flags
picture showing how an entrance can be enhanced with flags and inflatables...
from a university ball (more here) showing how flags can visually enhance an entrance (always a good bet) and, of course, the noise they make helps with the ambience as well...

need to make an eye catching display? the slightest of breezes these fluttering flags draw the eye to your display and increase your visitors numbers.

As a rough price guide, £75 should get you two or three rented for a day (delivery will be extra) .
Your supplier should also be able to render temporary sponsor messages on them as part of the rental arrangement.


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