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Inflatable Props

You want inflatable props - you got 'em!

Rental prices for inflatable props should start around £35 per night + delivery / return. The more you hire / buy the more you should save. Your supplier should arrange delivery and collection through a courier service. If you're in the area you may be able to call and collect.

As you can see from the MTv and McFlurry inflatables, below, suppliers will also take commissions and can incorporate your brand or logo. You'll need to discuss with your supplier, in plenty of time, what you want so they can give you a quote.

Whatever your needs there are flexible options to suit your budget...



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you can rent / hire or buy

you can rent or buy inflatables similar to the ones here... speak to your supplier

a 3m high inflatable book
This over-size inflatable book and treasure map are quite stunning (over 3m tall)

a 3m high inflatable treasure map
a huge inflatable sixties style funky boot

a funky sixties boot

...and here it is packed away - inflatables are great space savers and brilliant space fillers!

deflated boot packs away small - great for space saving



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inflatable multi coloured star props - stars to make your event shine :-)

these Stars easily fill the space under a high ceiling, bringing it down and creating a sense that something special is happening

you can rent or buy small, medium, large or huge stars - they also look good as focal points or draws for an exhibition stand or outdoor stage...

inflatable stars used to fill space and draw the eye to an outdoor stage (outside Plymouth Guildhall)

...these inflatable star trees show what imagination can do:

inflatable stars used to fill space and draw the eye to an outdoor stage (outside Plymouth Guildhall) inflatable stars used to fill space and draw the eye to an outdoor stage (outside Plymouth Guildhall)
the mtv logo turned out really jolly and freindly and our client, MTV, was overjoyed at their inflatable

Just look at this MTV inflatable logo as an example of brand rendering.

12m monster inflatable vines - can be part of a jungle or undersea set

Picture of inflatable vines 12m long...

KayDeeElle - themed event ideas worth looking at!
Maximum WOW Ideas!

Inflatables are designed to be seen from a distance, yet still be recognisable. Used effectively they can draw people to your exhibition stand / marquee / stage

Corporates: Get your brand big for your next trade show

Shops / storefronts: Be seen across a crowded city from streets away, watch your sales climb!

Exhibitions: remember, at an exhibition, you pay for floor surface area. But the area above your stand is free! Fill it with something to attract the crowd. They'll see inflatables above the tops of the other stands and be intrigued enough to visit.. for sure!

This inflatable candle being installed at the Eden Project for their first birthday party

A 20ft inflatable candle for the Eden Project's first birthday celebrations

The supplier pulled out all the stops - they got the call on the Friday asking for something special for the Sunday. From request through design to install, 36 hours - a record!!

here's a commission undertaken for McDonalds to support their McFlurry campaign

it was designed so that it could be used both outdoors and indoors and be easy to assemble and dismantle. This meant it could easily be moved from venue to venue, maximising the exposure opportunities.

McDonalds commissioned this huge McFlurry for a pr promotion.
Happy inflatable octopus prop, almost the size of a house!

something huge, like this friendly octopus can be a centrepiece, a draw to a marquee (like the cactii below) or a happy space filler. Bigger than the van, even!

The inflatable tower and sphere props dwarf the van in the picture!

the tower and ball dwarf the van

these oversized inflatables can be seen outdoors for miles or fill a huge interior space

Inflatable cactuses props - these cactii  tower above the entrance to Cactus Jacks Imbibing Emporium

Cactus Jacks Wild West Imbibing Establishment
"Those dawgone girt cactuses shur' do lookit real"

Inflatable cactuses props - these cactii  tower above the entrance to Cactus Jacks Imbibing Emporium

Elly and Roo are waiting for their friends..
have you seen them?

Jaws - Inflatable shark prop

Help, Jaws!!
A huge shark bursts through the road looking for riggers to munch on. No doubt it's found its way up through the sewers!!

Inflatable octopus prop - this octopus welcomes people Neptune's Undersea Empire

Neptune's Undersea Empire
The octopus was the first hint of the undersea fantasmagoria that awaited people inside.
Strange and weird undersea creatures painted in uv-reactive paint float in and out amongst the tables, from the ceiling and side panels.. and all glowing in a deep-sea realm of surreal light...

picture showing how an entrance can be enhanced with flags and inflatables...

Flags and inflatable stars adorn an entrance to a University Ball
more here...

An unusual reason for a train delay (it wasn't one of ours!!)

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