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A bar in Hereford was sad and tired-looking. A quick trawl on the web came up with a supplier.

They discussed some intial ideas and awarded the brief.

After a design meeting, initial ideas were elaborated on around of an Arabic / Moroccan theme.

A muted colour scheme was chosen for the upper area in keeping with it's purpose as a meeting / relaxation area.

For the downstairs dance area much more lively colours were chosen to set an up-tempo, hotter ambience.

See what you think...



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Bar refit in progress...

The bar is on two floors, a main bar on the top floor with seating and standing areas and a bottom floor with dance area, some some seating and another bar.

upstairs bar detail during refit
upstairs bar detail during and after refit

The upstairs bar during and after the refit. The ceiling rouching fits in well with the Moroccan / Arabic theme and provides a perfect backdrop to the gorgeous chandeliers.

upstairs bar detail after refit
round the corner and into the seating area...
seating and ceiling detail of upstairs bar after completion of refit
detail of upstairs seating area with the chosen colours giving a feeling of wamth
view from the upstairs bar to the seating area after the refit was completed
view from the bar to the seating area
ceiling, drapes and chandelier detail
picture showing rouched ceiling drapes forming a perfect backdrop for the chandelier
a view of the upstairs bar and the balcony leading to the dance area below. Note the changing colour scheme
the upstairs bar and balcony leads to stairs to
the bars and dance areas below...
the downstairs bar and dance areas
you can see that the colour scheme in the dance area really hots up the tempo. You can just see some massive inflatable spheresthrough the arch (used for projection & as a ceiling filler)
giving the smoke machine a test
the window drapes follow the style of arabic wall hangings.. and there's a traditional Moroccan mirror ball as well, just like they used to carry on their nomadic wanderings (not!)
view of the chillout area from the bar
traditional middle-eastern lamps are the
finishing touches to the theme

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