see pictures of a uk nightclub design and refurbishment in action: interior design, drapes, decor and lighting effects..
morrocan theme idea Morocco / bazaar / nomad tent. Page updated 21 Oct 2014

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Kassa Nightclub Design
refurbishment in a
Moroccan Theme

here are the artist impressions of what the
finished club would look like in the moroccan theme

artists impression of how the club will look with the moroccan theme  artists impression of how the chillout area will look with the moroccan theme

the dance floor before work started and during the nightclub's refurbishment


so, on with the refurbishment pictures...
bar and mirror detail

The bar area showing a mirror. It gives an added feeling of space when moving from the chillout area to the bar

..the refit continues. The ceiling to the dance floor is to be like a kasbah or the inside view of the roof of a Moroccan tent. The support ring for the flame retardant fabric will also be used to suspend the lamp...

the mock flame machine in action - and you can rent others just like it, larger and in different formats!..and here's a close-up of the mock flame machine used for the lamp
the roof of the moroccan tent being formed out of flame retardant fabric
..and here it is completed. The mock flame suspended from the centre provides another visual queue to the Moroccan theme
the main dancefloor area with finishing touches being put to the moroccan theme
almost there in the entrance to the chillout area An artist putting some finishing touches to the entrance to the chill-out area
the owners admire the finished dance floor area The new owners admire their finished club
giving the smoke machine a test giving a smoke machine a test
the chillout area viewed from the bar. The soft furnishings (all flame retardant) are made from easy clean fabric and provide a soft area where guests can relax, talk and get to know one another. This follows the Moroccan style of cushions on the floor, bang on theme view of the chillout area from the bar
view of the bar from the chillout area a view of the bar and through into the dance floor taken from the chillout area
a view of the bar showing how the theme and lighting are used throughout the bar showing more of the moroccan theme
a view of the dance floor, dj box and stage a view of the dance floor, stage and the dj box. Note the cushions on the stage - again to give relaxation space to guests
around all the walls you can use a Moorish icon with a desert night sky beyond. The sky is painted in uv-reactive paint and lit with blacklight to make it glow and give an added touch of surrealism moroccan night sky with uv paint and blacklight

 detail showing effect of blacklight on uv reactive paint to create a relaistic impression of a night sky

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After a design meeting with the client, the supplier built on the initial idea of a Moroccan theme and produced some watercolour impressions.

The owners liked what they saw and gave the go-ahead.

As usual, the deadlines were very tight but the team were brilliant and delivered the fully refurbished club by the opening night.

This is how it might go for you, too...

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