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Having a college party - get event planning ideas here to make yours the best yet!
Get some ideas and design inspiration from these
themed music party invitations and dj party flyers


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a marquee flanked by our inflatable cactii, part of an entire mexican theme

..KayDeeElle for creative theme ideas..

whichever themed event services is right for your event or function, get an idea of what to expect here...

On these pages
Whether you are having your venue fully rigged and transformed or you want to rent the props and do it yourself.. you need an idea of what to expect from the themed event services on offer.
..Perhaps you need a theme designing from scratch, or maybe you need your company's or organisation's brand on some props..
..or perhaps your's is a music festival and you need production management skills as well..
If these apply to you, then you're in the right place! You'll find details in these pages about the specific services you'll come across to cover each of these scenarios.

we've set new standards in generating ideas for creative decor

a wall-filling canvas that shows the entrance to the never-ending catacombs  a zany smiling character on canvas backdrop a stage set of a dungeon or hellish crypt the entrance to the Candy Store nightclub with blue mock flames setting the tone an ethnic ceremonial mask painted in uv reactive paint on canvas backdrop

KayDeeElle logo that implies creative themed event ideas

a company dinner / presentation using classic theme decor, mock flames, starcloth and table centrepieces by KDLan egyptain pharaoh bearing the seals of office, uv paint on canvas backdrop


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