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a marquee flanked by our inflatable octopus, part of an entire underwater theme

a stage set featuring imagery of ancient egypt

the interior of a nightclub, simply rigged and ready for action!

reputable companies will make sure the rigging is done in a venue-friendly way and you get to keep your venue deposit!

Rigging teams are responsible for turning the brief into reality and often then forming part of the production team, operating any lighting or other effects.

They should be masters at working with the framework of a venue or location, turning challenges into features that complement the theme. Practical problems should be met by creative, practical solutions that enhance.

They must be fully qualified to operate cherry pickers, erect and rig stages and work suspended from the rigging in harnesses.

Here's what one company I spoke to said:
"We can transform any venue or location, huge, large or small, indoors or outdoors, and co-ordinate all visual and lighting effects into one immersive experience that will take your breath away.
"We can also provide human art that occupies the same space as your event. Dressed in theme and moving amongst the props and guests, you can have amongst others, stilts theatre, jugglers, hosts, robots and dancers.
"You'll be delighted with the final results and we will do our utmost, creatively and practically, to help make that happen"

If you can, find one like that!

a student union party was transformed by creative use of soft decor and lighting a banquetting hall with decor and table centrepieces by KDL 

KayDeeElle logo that implies creative themed event ideas

Detail of part of the crypt theme showing a skeleton in the stocks surrounded by chains and cages for punishment, all eerily cast in the glow of a dreadful brazier...

a stage set of a dungeon or hellish crypt

the main dance floor rigged to chenge shape and tenor of the venue

some egyptian props rigged as part of a srt

the entrance to the Candy Store nightclub with blue mock flames setting the tone


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