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a funky platform boot 2m x 1.5 m x 0.5m painted in uv reactive paint; part of an entire funk theme set

a mock flame, the fabric flame is lit from beneath with flame coloured lights and is kept moving by an integral fan. Extremely realistic and adds movement and helps set the mood a mock flame, the fabric flame is lit from beneath with flame coloured lights and is kept moving by an integral fan. Extremely realistic and adds movement and helps set the mood

a mock flame machine in action

a bow used for an opening ceremony for a new hospital facility in Cornwall

if you want to stretch your budget or you have your own production team, you can rent just the props you need

Prop and Decor Rental / Hire
You should find that something similar to the props and decor shown here is available for hire / rent. If you go to a single source, they should be available in coordinated themes (e.g. Outer Space, Titanic, Undersea, Wild West / Mexican, Classic Roman / Greek, Funk, Love, Medieval, Jungle and many, many more).
You'll also find specialists that design and manufacture inflatable props for rent or sale (more here...) and similarly for fx such as mock flames, smoke, bubble and lighting machines.

Price Guide: from around £200 to rent a small set of themed party props

classic greek / roman columns, statues, busts and urns a prop from hell or hades complete with eternal flames a 2m high portion of swiss cheese anybody? 12m long inflatable vines / seaweed an inflatable McDonalds McFlurry we built to commission

chrome facemask backdrop in uv paint a giant octopus is one of many inflatables that can really grab the attention roman bust "Ad Astra" uv reactive painted canvas, really glows and comes to life under uv light a traditional roman statue depiction:, a horse rears and is restrained by the slave while the master looks on - uv reactive paint on canvas classic portrait of a woman asleep on a couch

a light show based on projection onto three 2 ceiling inflatables at a private party a sphinx used as part of an egyptian theme at this nightclub a selection of 3d props - inflatable stars, octopus, 3d fish, buddah

and many more pictures here...

KayDeeElle logo that implies creative themed event ideas

one of a set of six magical prancing fairy horses or unicorns, sometimes winged like Pegassus

Easter Island statues, 2m x 0.5m complete with hats a 2m tall mexican in traditional garb (recognise an Eastern Island statue?), part of the Cactus Jack themed set

A huge inflatable tower and sphere a 5m high flag customised with a client's brand message

Burial mask of Tutankhamen rendered in uv reactive paint on canvas an egyptian lady of high office, perhaps a princess from the time of the pharaohs from the time of the pharaohs in the land of the nile, an egyptian prince

A table starcloth and a backdrop starcloth at a corporate function

..need your company or organisation's brand or message on a prop? You can get that rendered, too


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