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the burial mask of Tutankhamun, rendered in uv reactive paint on a 4m canvas backdrop

a 5m jellyfish extends the dance floor into the third dimension, another prop from our arthouse

space heroine - Barbarella??

Inflatable product we designed and built for McDonald's - McFlurry inflatable

With an art house's prop design, customisation and logo rendering options you can get most all your decor needs from the same supplier!

Art House
In addition to being able to get hold of the sorts of props and backdrops you've seen examples of here, creative artists can emblazon your logo or brand message across any type of prop or backdrop - decals too - in an imaginative and memorable way. Or they can design huge inflatables to your spec (MTV, McFlurry and others inflatables are here).

Need some flyers for your next gig? Need a backdrop for your band? Need a company slogan or promo message writ large? A special backgound with your chosen favourite image or desing? An art house can get right on the case and guide you through.

If you want a professional outcome that gels with your theme, use an arthouse - they'll have many years of experience in all forms of media. Look for airbrush and traditional techniques as well as sculpting (sometimes with a chainsaw!) and digital graphics imaging. Just take a look at some of the pictures shown here to get a feel for what they can do for you. As scenic artists and designers, they'll be really accomplished...(click a picture to see it enlarged)

A flag rendered with the Oceania brand image our own logo rendered on a lightening image for a pamphlet a Lenor logo rendered onto a 2 meter high backdrop for Real Steel, Plymouth's 2000 entry in nottinghill Carnival Impact's logo rendered quite unusually in a 3d display Universal's well-known logo rendered in 3d as part of their sponsorship for a Musical Showcase

Windrush's logo rendered for projection during a conference We rendered Real Steel's logo (and provided decor for the rest of the float) for Plymouth's entry in the 2000 Nottinghill Carnival Embassy sponsored the Run to the Sun 2000, a VW enthusiasts ' music and sun festival in Trevelgue, Newquay, Cornwall backdrop of Cunard Europe America brochure from our Titanic theme

artists mock up for a panelled set of banners that fit in different ways artists mock up for a panelled set of banners that fit in different ways backdrop of male tiger fish from our Undersea theme backdrop of a small pod of dolphins from our Undersea theme

..our creativity gives wings to your vision..

KayDeeElle logo that implies creative themed event ideas

Detail of part of the crypt theme showing a skeleton in the stocks surrounded by chains and cages for punishment, all eerily cast in the glow of a dreadful brazier...

a stage set of a dungeon or hellish crypt

the crypt is the only exit from the dungeon

backdrop of a fish from our Undersea theme

space hero backdrop

inflatable logo we designed for mtv


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