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Inflatable decorations can lower high ceilings and make your party more intimate.
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a marquee flanked by our inflatable cactii, part of an entire mexican themea 1.5m tall column in situ, delicately lit and draped in plants

..they'll take the strain..

whichever of the services you are going to use, you will find we enhance your ideas with our creativity, to exceed by a large margin, according to our customers, you and your guests' expectations.

Just one possible scenario
Imagine you have a party to organise and you plan for 200+ guests. You have a budget, you want to give them a treat and you know they'll want to let their hair down a bit. That's it, that's your starting point. Let your themed event supplier right on it.

If they're any good, they'll start with your ideas, discussing and fleshing them out with you. They'll finalise a package, agree a price and their team will get to work. On the day, the production team will arrive and transform your venue into the spectacular. If lighting and sound are part of your spec, their operators will discreetly melt into the background and do their stuff.

After the party is over, they'll dismantle the props, backdrops, banners, lighting etc. and fade into the night...

If your's is a corporate event, we have a guide to event planning. It works well for formal functions and special occasions, too. Good luck, we hope it goes well for you now we've given you a leg up!

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a banquetting hall with decor and table centrepieces by KDLa posh dinner with a classic feel


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