how your supplier should work with you, developing your initial ideas and designing them into a final product
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Initial ideas
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a mockup of various design elements and colour schemes for a nightclub

a mockup of a theme and various design elements for a nightclub conversion

..if you're not sure what type of decor or theme you want, a quick chat with a professional organisation will soon put that right..

Initial ideas
Firstly expect to chat about the type and size of your event and the budget you have. They'll need to know what effect you're trying to achieve, so cover any ideas generated here that you have for the theme and decor -- don't hold back, you'll be surprised at their creativity once you seed them. Point them at if there are specific images to discuss.

After you've made your choices and discussed any further detail, they should agree a price and send you a written quotation. Once you accept that, the various departments will work together as a team to fulfil your vision.

If there is a design element in the work you've had quoted, they'll discuss your ideas with you and come up with some working drafts. Once they have your feedback, their artists will then get to work and fax or email you the fleshed out roughs. When you're ready, the next step will be to talk through the ideas with them, refining the design as you go and answering any questions.

If you have any special logos or branding that is to feature (backdrops, flags, balloons, 3d art, projections etc) they'll need some artwork from you. Their team should arrange this with you and make sure you know in plenty of time if there is anything else they need.

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one of a set of artist sketches outlining a theme idea with a client  one of a set of artist sketches outlining a theme idea with a client

one of a set of artist sketches outlining a theme idea with a client one of a set of artist sketches outlining a theme idea with a client

a mockup backdrop of women and flowers, made up of bubbles shapes


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