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a stage set featuring imagery of ancient egypta 5m jellyfish hangs from the ceiling and shines dramatically when picked out by the moving lightsview of the main dance area during the moroccan theme refit

..the way a venue is rigged or dressed with your chosen theme can transform it into something beyond a vision made real, just see the results you can expect for yourself..

At a pre-arranged time the rigging team arrives with the props and decor, and an art director with the plans. From there they work smoothly and efficiently to construct the agreed design on the framework of the venue.

A venue before we started - there's not much hope, you'd think... ..but not once KDL have finished with it :-)

During the build, minor alterations and enhancements to the design will be made, to make it gel as an integrated whole with the venue. Coloured lighting and effects such as smoke and mock flame machines, are arranged to work with the props and decor to create the desired vignettes. Everything is tested to scare off any gremlins and all is then ready for the event to begin! Maestro..

a large hall transformed into an italian street scene, with tables and centrepieces beautifully laid and ample room for a dance floor a student union party was transformed by creative use of soft decor and lighting a student union party was transformed by creative use of soft decor and lightingthe entrance to the candy store, transformed from a drab sairway by mock flame in blue and supporting lighting the stage set we created for the 2000 Run To The Sun festival in Newquay, Cornwall

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how to fill a space creatively, while providing a whole series of surfaces for projection and other lighting effectsdramatic lighting on towering drapes enhances "The Inferno" stage setThe drapes being used as projection surfaces for the lighting effectsthe dance floor and drapes from a different angle


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