details of the decor, props and effects machines (rent or buy) that you can use in creating themed events for parties, balls,
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the eye of Horus, ancient egyptian god, in uv reactive paint on canvas backdrop

traditional egyptian temple column, in uv reactive paint on canvas backdrop traditional egyptian temple guard, in uv reactive paint on canvas backdrop traditional egyptian temple column, in uv reactive paint on canvas backdrop

a desert island set for an exhibition / trade show stand for SPAR

Or if your budget is stretched, try this book from Amazon and...
click here for more on the book Create Your Own Stage Props by Jacquie Govier
Create Your Own Stage Props
by Jacquie Govier

we have a such a variety of examples of props that we are sure to be able to stimulate your vision and creativity...

Make sure all of fabric comes fire-certificated so you can rest easy.
Under the heading of decor, we have starcloths, blackout curtains, drapes and backdrops. Most of the backdrops you'll see here are painted with uv-reactive paint (under ultraviolet / blacklight these paints glow richly and make the subject appear three dimensional). Seriously consider this type for your themed event.

For coordinated Wedding Invitations, RSVPs, Photo Albums and Planning Binders, see our Total Weddings stationery page.

Our props area is vast and houses pictures of Easter Island statues, sphinx, toytown soldiers, dragons, spacecraft, cartoon fish, a western frontier town, pillars, columns, urns, plants, flags, huge inflatables (vines, candles, octopuses, sharks, stars, animals etc) and many, many more.
Also in the props category and usually created specifically, are table centerpieces, inflatable product replicas, balloon sculptures, 3d-rendered logos, brands and corporate messages, to name a few.
(you can find out about prop rental here)

You can see a selection of inflatables and flags to stimualte those grey cells. And, as you'll see from the inflatable McDonald's McFlurry or the MTV logo, you can get bespoke work designed, customised and brand-rendered as well.

Of course, if your stuck with an overall theme, pick and mix ideas from the following coordinated themes: Egyptian, Beach, Classic, Undersea, Space, Titanic and Wild West.

We have pictures of a range of effects machines including lighting, bubble, mock flame, smoke and projectors that are used to add movement and feeling to the static decor.

As you've been touring these pages, you'll have seen some of the things that can be used. See more on our Misc photos page (backdrops start here and here, props mainly here).

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a banquetting hall with decor and table centrepieces by KDL

a buddah painted in uv reactive paint on canvas backdrop A mock flame machine throsing multicoloured flames 2m into the air

easter island statues can also become mexican figures ans pace aliens woth glowing eyes and here's the Mexican figure with stetson and poncho

Inflatable vines, 12m long can help create a jungle theme 4m flags rendered with your brand or logo

explore the art of stage design through in-depth interviews with the world's designers
click here for more information on the book Stage Design
Stage Design
by Tony Davis


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