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Themed Events

Here is a selection of pictures of themed events to get your creative juices flowing!
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picture showing the laid out tables, dance floor and backdrops creating a street scene in Italy picture showing the decor for a company sales presentation and awards ceremenoy picture showing roman / greek backdrops at a sales convention to give a classical theme
A corporate dinner dance with an old italian street theme A sales convention with an elegant setting.
Mock flame machines provide a focal point at the stage
The roman bust wall hangings add a classical feel and this is one of the most popular themes for this type of event
Picture of a dinner function for Soltex showing table settings and balloon sculptures picture of the tables and stage all set ready for Torquay Round Table Association's annual themed event Picture of stage crew and performers putting the finishing touches to the awards ceremony
The balloon sculptures give a party atmosphere and always add to the fun Tables laid, stage set for the Torquay Round Table annual dinner and dance Plymouth's Women of Achievement Awards Ceremony
Picture of laid tables in front of a 20ft x 8ft backdrop of an American Diner Picture of the annual Windrush convention with a small stage for speakers A picture of tables set ready for a private function with hollographic balloon sculptures and gigantic inflatable stars
What a difference a 20ft backdrop can make - dinner at the diner for your office party! The annual Windrush Convention - beach backdrops and a projection of their logo gave just the corporate feel they were after a mixture of hollographic foil balloons, floral table centre pieces and huge inflated stars set the scene for a great party!
Picture of an under-lit tablecloth at a corporate dinner function. A starcloth provides an impressive backdrop to the stage A closeup of a floral table centrepiece - exquisite and adding a touch of elegance to any table setting Picture of the stage and tables at a Chinese New Year party. The massive backdrops of seasonal Cantonese greetings and Chinese imagery make it a dramatic themed event
dramatic under-lit tablecloths as well as starcloths add a celebrity feel when you choose floral centre-pieces you'll get an elegant complement to your dining experience a Chinese New Year celebration needed a big stage with big backdrops...
Picture of a dungeon scene complete with long forgotton stocks and a skeleton - perfect for halloween themed events Picture of the inside of a marquee bedecked with huge backdrops of fishy and undersea imagery picrture of a vip room dressed with a tropical island themed set with uv lighting giving it a midnight setting
a corner of a long forgotten dungeon with a skeleton still in the stocks... themed events for halloween parties! the College of St Mark and St John - an Octopus Garden theme for their drinks marquee. vip rooms can be dressed in a festival style or something more corporate...
picture of a huge venue dressed in an undersea theme with huge inflatable octopus, projections and lighting effects in full flow picture of a tumbler performing on stage picture of performers preparing for a show for the guests and participants of an Award Ceremenoy
a part of a large indoor venue, dressed and lit for a music festival a stunning stage performance for an awards ceremony. A tumbler comes to rest in front of an inflatable star the performers go through final preparations for a stage show that had the guests out of their seats
picture of a band on stage with mock flame machines providing a powerful backdrop to their performance picture of a dj box on a stage set of massive proprtions. Floor-to-ceiling drapes are also used as projection screens for breathtaking effect picture of a live band performing on stage, dramatically backlit with a crowd watching on
the audience in rapture at the band. We gave them a powerful stage set, lit for maximum effect a dj box forms the focal point on this stage. Floor-to-ceiling drapes are designed to work with the lighting effects a music festival in full swing with the band giving their all
picture of Mr Scruff at the start of his set a stunning picture of a dj in full flow, backlit with a laser giving a halo or aura effect picture of a dancer posing in the middle of some stunning routines under blue spotlights and backlit by a laser
A Jelly Jazz dj prepares to wow the audience (see next picture!) a dj in full flow, backlit by a laser - KayDeeElle can give your guests this experience a dancer performs on stage - much to the appreciation of the audience and the dj looking on in the background
picture of a fire dancer swinging arcs of live flame as she dances to the music a picture of two fire-dancers making great circles of flame as they dance on stage picture of a group singing on stage and looking out to the guests
fire dancers can bring the spectacular to any stage performance these whirling fire dancers put on a breathtaking perfomance while djs chnaged over a band we booked as part of the entertainment for a vdub enthusiasts' holiday festival
picture of dancers on stage back lit with coloured lights picture of guests and performers alike all dancing on stage at the finale the guests all having a great time dancing to the party music
dancers on the build up to the grand stage finale of Jelly Jazz at Run to the Sun 2003 all performers and dancers on stage for one last dance the guests are having a great time too - the themed event we gave them turned it into a massive party
a picture of a stilt walker dancing in amongst the crowd, bringing a surreal air to the event picture of a stilt walker dressed in stunning costume and ram-horn headgear a picture of two more stilt walkers taking part in a warlocks and woodnymphs themed event
stilt walkers can help give a surreal tinge to any theme - if that's what you want the stilt walkers will dress in theme to suit your event how about a warlocks and woodnymphs themed event?
A picture of a woodnymph with butterfly wings - another guest having a great time a picture of a robot dancer, full metal body armour and complete with handler operating the effects a picture of a dancing guest, dressed as a woodnymph with garlands in her hair and carrying a sunflower
..and a butterfly enjoys the night this robot dancer - the performer is inside - is also controlled by a "handler" with a radio control gizzmo for all sorts of effects! ..and here's a coy woodnymph making the most of it

If you are organising an event,
you must consider safety.

If this is you, our step-by-step guide is a
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Guide to planning event safety

Organising a banquet or dance? Give it a special touch and let your guests have the time of their lives. A medieval party theme really works...

have the most WOW occasion possible - use KayDeeElle for ideas and guidance in putting on your event.

The performers, lighting effects, decor, stage settings, table centrepieces, balloon sculptures, inflatables and props you see here should set ideas off for your special occasion.

A high-impact, top of the range rigged theme should range from around £1500 to £5000 to suit a medium-capacity venue.
With this option you should get an on-site design and production team who will provide you with direct consultancy and hand-holding to ensure the right visual impact and a smoothly run event.

Maximum WOW Ideas

For bar and nighclub refit ideas - see Kassa, a nightclub. Designed with a Moroccan theme. The owners were delighted and said thier highest expectations had been exceeded
view of the main dance area during the moroccan theme refit

the mock flame machine in action - and you can rent others just like it, larger and in different formats!
Mock flame machines are totally realistic.

Party Time?
There's no better way to give your guests a wicked time than to use some of the ideas for a themed party from KayDeeElle.

Here's a helpful book from Amazon all about managing events

Events Management
by Glenn Bowdin, Ian McDonnell, Johnny Allen and William O'Toole


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